How Fixed Bid Projects Work in the Agile World

Story time: Once upon a time, in a far far away land, a new project contract was signed. Congratulations! Mr. Client (a huge enterprise) agrees to pay the project team such and such gold coins for building a world class, enterprise level software solution. The big scope items were outlined in the statement of work was signed and a FIXED PRICE has been agreed on. The team, all agile experts, started diving into the requirements and begun building the product backlog.

A short time goes by, the backlog of work items become clearer and clearer and our team realizes that there is no way that they can deliver all the scope within the fixed budget – BIG PROBLEM!

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How to Scope a TFS Team Project

Generally speaking, a decent rule of thumb to follow when thinking about team projects is that team projects “are bigger than you think”. Another rule of thumb to consider when deciding your approach is to look at the effect of a typical requirement on your software development project; if this requirement, for example, affects several applications or tiers (like front end, middleware and backend) then all these application should be grouped under the same team project. [Read more…]