How to Scope a TFS Team Project

Generally speaking, a decent rule of thumb to follow when thinking about team projects is that team projects “are bigger than you think”. Another rule of thumb to consider when deciding your approach is to look at the effect of a typical requirement on your software development project; if this requirement, for example, affects several applications or tiers (like front end, middleware and backend) then all these application should be grouped under the same team project. [Read more…]

TFS Tips: Cloaking Folders and Files

Is your development team working on a large and complex codebase? Do you wish your workspace contained only the minimum files that you need in order to build and run a subset of the system? Looking to improve performance, reduce network traffic, and reduce the disk space required on your development machine? [Read more…]

Adding Tasks to a User Story in Bulk with Excel

A common behavior (process) that I’ve seen in several teams across multiple projects is that they have a common list of tasks that is applicable to most of their user stories. The general agreement on these teams (A.K.A. ‘ways of working’) is that this list of tasks is aligned with their ‘definition of done’; that is to say: if we, as a team, complete all these tasks in this list, then we have met our ‘definition of done’ which we have communicated and agreed upon with our entire team (including all the stake holders). [Read more…]